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James Beard Foundation Awards

2013 Finalist: Rising Star Chef

2012 Finalist: Rising Star Chef

2011 Finalist: Rising Star Chef

                             2010 Finalist: Best New Restaurant

zagat_logo-copy-450x450Zagat | September 24 flour + water were featured as the leading story in a Zagat video piece showcasing “The Hottest Spots for Neapolitan Pies” in the country



GQ Eats: The 10 Best New Restaurants in America

GQGQ’s food critic Alan Richman writes: “Flour + Water is sneakily sophisticated, with remarkable ingredients and stunning layers of flavor that don’t stray from easy-to-eat… Everybody loves informal Italian dining. Flour + Water might be as good as it gets.”


Travel+ Leisure – Best Italian Restaurants in the U.S.

“This is serious pizza: light and crispy with great sauce, delicate crust, and toppings like sausage, summer squash, eggplant, and Padrón peppers. The changing tasting menu features light, well-crafted pastas with interesting off-center flavors: pickled veal tongue, rabbit, hen, and lamb shank.”


101 Best Restaurants in the US


Flour + Water is a great neighborhood spot on the corner of Harrison and 20th, but it’s also just a great restaurant.

James Beard Award Nomination!

SF GateWe are so honored to be chosen as a finalist by the James Beard Foundation for Best New Restaurant in the country.

Congratulations to all of the other Bay Area nominees, especially our fellow Best New Restaurant finalists Frances & RN74!


Restaurant Review: Flour + Water in San Francisco

New York TimesDespite its low-concept name, flour + water, which opened in May in a restored Victorian building on a quiet corner a few blocks from the center of the Mission District, is the latest in a steady stream of high-caliber Italian restaurants to enter the neighborhood.

American Culinary Icons

Thomas McNaughton – Latter-Day Traditionalist

San Francisco Best New Restaurant- 2010

SFoodieOther new restaurants might have risen higher, but none captured San Francisco’s aspirations better than Flour + Water. Owners David White and David Steele found expandable talent in chef Thomas McNaughton, whose confidence seemed to swell as Flour + Water‘s reputation went New York Times. Even cannier than enlisting McNaughton, White and Steele understood that this is a city that loves to glimpse the sublime in the offhand.

Flour + Water

The Washington PostThis is how laid-back Flour + Water is: Servers are encouraged to wear street clothes at work. And once your bottle of wine has been “nosed” for quality by the bartender, it’s up to you to pour it at the table.

San Francisco’s best pizza

Sunset MagazineThis noisy new restaurant has everyone trekking to an otherwise abandoned corner of the Mission, for dough peppered with flavor from the fire, dressed with whip-fresh tomato sauce and worthy of worship.


Industry Folks Delcare Necomers of the Year

SF EaterFlour + Water they balance flavors so well and are not afraid to serve the offal parts I love.

Best Pizza in San Francisco

Signature Item: Margherita (with tomato sauce, Fior di Latte and extra-virgin olive oil). The puffy, charred cornicione (end crust) is the result of just two minutes in the 800-degree wood-burning oven imported from Italy.



Looking back on 2009′s top new restaurants

SF GateThomas McNaughton takes two simple ingredients – flour and water – to new heights, creating exceptional wood-oven pizza, and pastas such as chestnut tagliatelle with braised pheasant, roasted squash and sage; and winter savory pappardelle with pork sausage.

America’s Best Pizza

Travel and LeisureIn a city where slow food and seasonal ingredients are revered, this Italian eatery has only four different pies, all baked in a wood-fired 900 degree Valoriani oven.


At Flour + Water, it’s good to glory in details

SF GateYet even before any food arrived, I began to suspect that a dinner at Flour+Water was going to be special.

Pizza Passion

San Francisco’s best pie makers reveal their secrets.


A delicious equation

San Francisco MagazineThe new Mission district restaurant flour + water has all the ingredients it needs.

Oh, Nine Everything That Was Important in 2009

Urban DaddyEven though the waits for a table at this Mission eatery are long enough to rival flights to Italy and back, it’s all worth it once the Neapolitan pies arrive at your table perfectly blistered.


Flour + Water in the Mission

7x7People are practically busting down the doors for Flour + Water’s yummy pasta and wood fired pizzas. Chefs Tom McNaughton and Jon Darsky take us through the kitchen. Click here to see the video.

Seasonal ingredients and skillful handling make Flour + Water a Mission hit

Naming an Italian restaurant Flour + Water is a bit of a dare, as if to say, “Look what we can do with the humblest and simplest of ingredients.”


Flour + Water

Beer and NoshMy fully formed conclusion: Flour + Water is a stellar addition to the neighborhood, and strives in every dish to present unfussy, impeccably prepared Italian food.

For great desserts, think Italian

SF GateJust recently I also had three exceptional desserts created by chef Thomas McNaughton at the new Flour + Water.


The Best Pasta in the Country

GQ“I’m not certain there is a better casual Italian restaurant in America than flour + water.”

Flour + Water, San Francisco

No Salad as A MealIn the end, few places endure through the fad to become a favorite. Flour + Water is sure to be one of them.



La Comida Loca: Flour + Water

Mission LocalAfter the first visit to Four + Water new Italian restaurant at Folsom and 20th St., it was clear I would have to return.

Flour + Water First Visit

Beer and Nosh… we continued down Harrison to take a peek at the new pizzeria and wine bar that has just opened down the street: Flour + Water.


Opening: Flour + Water

SF GateAttention, Mission hipsters and wood-fired pizza lovers: Flour + Water is open for business, featuring chewy thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas and house-made pastas, complemented by Italian wines. The restaurant is Mission-centric, with the chef living above the restaurant and the owners and designer residing nearby.

Flour + Water: You Want Pizza, You Get Pizza

7x7Yesterday I stopped by the Mission’s latest addition, Flour + Water, to see how the team is doing after being open for a week. The answers, it seems, are 1) they’re hot (small kitchen plus heat wave=sauna) 2) overworked and 3) unfailingly kind and cheerful, taking time to squire me around the kitchen.


Recession? Time to Open a Restaurant in the Mission District

Mission LocalHere’s a novel way to look at the recession: A lab for testing a restaurant strategy based on thrift. That’s how David White, a former restaurant owner, and David Steel, an investment banker, like to think of their decision to open Flour + Water.

Flour Power – Your New Pizza and Pasta Eatery

Urban DaddyWelcome Flour + Water, your newest old-world osteria turning plain-old flour and water into homemade pastas and blistery wood oven-fired pizzas, opening Friday at Harrison and 20th.


Flour + Water

ThrillistAny legitimate denomination, creed, or cult is held together by a fundamental set of ideals, from the five pillars of Islam (profession of faith, pilgrimage to Mecca, etc), to the two pillars of Heaven’s Gate (mass suicide and Nikes). Piously observing the ideals of Italian face-stuffing, <strong>Flour + Water</strong>.

Eater Tracking: Flour + Water

SF EaterThe Mission: Now only just a few weeks away is Flour + Water. As of today, the aim is to open on May 15th for dinner, with lunch/brunch/afternoon service getting underway May 25th.


The Hardhat

David Steele and David White are in the hunter-gatherer phase of the build-out of their soon-to-be Mission-neighborhood restaurant flour + water.

Flour + Water Steampunked Italian

San Francisco StationFlour + Water = pasta and pizza. Yes, the name for this place is fitting enough; all that’s needed for an excellent meal is this simple combination…with a touch of sauce and garlic.

Dough Boy – Flour + Water Restaurant Opens

dailycandyWait! We promise Flour + Water — the Mission’s latest enoteca — will make you swoon.

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