pasta tasting


wine list


Our main focus at flour + water is pasta, and our goal while reflecting the great variety is to honor regional traditions and preparations.  Each day we have up to eight pastas on our menu, all of which are freshly made in the restaurant.

Wood Fired Pizza

Our pizza is thin-crust Neopolitan in style, baked in an Italian wood fired oven.  Our chef Thomas McNaughton likes to think of a pizza “as a dish”.  As such, we allow ourselves a little freedom in utilizing the wonderful seasonal ingredients we have at our disposal to create pies that are both classic and creative.

Whole Animal

For Chef McNaughton, whole animal utilization is simply about having a better, more in-depth understanding of where our food comes from and is an essential connection to one of the most fundamental of old world practices.


Our wine list is almost exclusively Italian and our goal is to source esoteric, hard to find wines that reflect tradition and typicity.  Additionally, and more importantly, we strive to bring a philosophy of “accessibility” to our wine program.  We believe wine should be accessible to all people no matter what their taste or budget, from the uninitiated to the seasoned consumer.