4th of july

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Fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, open air concerts, baseball/softball games, family reunions are all fun things associated with Independence Day.

hot dog buns

This year at the recently opened Salumeria, we’ve got the makings of an awesome picnic/BBQ for you.

Look at these delicious buns. And check out those spicy chorizo sausages, perfect for those that like their hotdogs with a kick. Chef de Cuisine Matt Sigler and Sous Chef Rikki are working away on some pork hotdogs as I type.

spicy chorizo

We are your one-stop shop for your 4th of July picnic/BBQ with house-made mustard (sweet or wholegrain), whey pickles, marinated olives,  and I’ve heard a rumor about house-made ketchup. We have a carefully curated cheese program, and our resident turophile, Sophie Mosgrove highly recommends Landaff as a great picnic/BBQ choice. It holds up well in warmer temperatures and is well suited to everything else on this list
txakolinaSan Bitter, San Pellegrino (Aranciata or Limonata) and our selection of wine all make great choices for beverages. Light, crisp, a bit fruity and quite bubbly. Some call her Xarmant Txakolina 2011…we call her the perfect summer wine.

We also have a wide selection of pastries, chocolate, chips as easy add on snacks. So head on over to pick up everything you need for an awesome day.

Happy Independence Day!


For The Dads

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In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, here are a some quotes from a few members of our team about things they learned from their Dads.

Sophie (Retail Manager at salumeria): Always find the humor in any situation. It makes the hard ones in particular, a lot easier to deal with.

Paige (Cashier at salumeria): Always do what makes you happy. It’s not always about the money.

Yarrow (Cashier at salumeria): In relationships, no excuses, no compromises. Especially as we all get older. Always feel the freedom to be honest.

Niki (Server at flour + water): He shared his secret formula with me on how to bet on the winning horse.

Emily (Special Events for NeTimeas Restaurant Group): Clean your dishes as you cook! Nobody wants to clean up the kitchen after an Italian family is done eating. And never be fooled by a skinny person when you’re thinking about portion size.

Ruth (Hostess at flour + water): My Dad taught me how to save money. With every paycheck (on payday), put 10% in savings, give 10% as tidings, pay your bills and anything that is necessary, then the rest is yours to spend as you want. Great advice as I’m pretty good with money.

Tim (server at flour + water): My Dad taught me the basics of how to make any meal taste good. Even with the most basic ingredients, a little imagination and a little creative flair, you can whip up a good meal.

Jen (server at flour + water): How to make a funny joke bad!

Tara (Assistant for NeTimeas Restaurant Group): He taught me how to play records. He had loads of vinyl when I was growing up so I knew how to read the lines of vinyl before I knew how to play CDs.

A few minutes with Lisa Lu, Pastry Chef at Central Kitchen

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central kitchen is just coming up to one month old and I managed to catch up with our pastry chef at central kitchen, for a few minutes.


What appealed to you about joining the team at central kitchen?

The strong team and the philosophy behind the restaurant. Their focus on sustainability, seasonality and supporting local farmer’s are all ideals very close to my heart. I have a lot of respect for Chef Thomas and Chef Michael’s style and work ethos too.

What inspired the career change from Interior Architecture to being a Pastry Chef?

In my free time I found myself drawn to baking as a way to unwind. I did a lot of experimental work with chocolate and soon I was being booked to create desserts and cakes for weddings. That piqued my curiosity enough to switch careers…which was also around the same time the dot com bubble burst so it was a fortunately well timed move.

How would you describe your signature style or dish?

Fun, whimsical, playful and tastes sinfully good! I try to stay away from the idea of a signature dish so I keep challenging myself to create new wonders, but I’d say my use of chocolate and fresh fruit has become something special for me. And I’m always working on new and exciting ways to pair the combination.

What’s your candy of choice from a grocery store?

Ritter Sport. Hazelnut Chocolate.

What do you do to unwind in San Francisco?

I love to go for a run on the city streets. Every day is a little bit different on the wonderful streets of SF. And yoga, that always helps me relax.

What are your favorite places to go in San Francisco?

For Lunch: Tony’s Pizza.

For Dinner: Citizen’s Band.

For Dessert: Absinthe for any of Bill’s desserts,

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salumeria opens

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all photos courtesy of aubrie pick

This week we opened our third offering, salumeria.

salumeria, a neighborhood delicatessen that houses a wide selection of house cured salumi, which is a particular passion of chef de cuisine, Matt Sigler. Daily offerings include an ever evolving selection of sandwiches, antipastas, a wide selection of cheese curated by our resident cheesemonger, Sophie Mosgrove, as well as oils, honeys, chocolate, a daily delivery of treats from Belinda Leong and so much more. Come by at lunch time and enjoy a bite in the central kitchen courtyard, or stop by on your way home and grab a selection of delights for a meal at home.

open from 9am to 7pm


salumeria on facebook. twitter.

It’s Timmy!

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Always with a pep in his step, a smile on his face and some of the snazziest pants in town, Tim Carr is a joy to have on the team. His upbeat personality and ease with interacting with diners make him a much yelped and tweeted about favorite on the restaurant floor at flour + water.

Having been drawn to the stage early in life, his theatrical influence is apparent when he’s performing live. Those who were lucky enough to see him Shake His Kaboose on a Friday Night at The De Young Museum, were treated to a performance that was full of energy, peppered with humor and the inimitable combination of his soulful voice and highkicks against the multicolored backdrop, was a spectacle to behold. So we were all delighted to see that Tim Carr was picked out as The Best Local Musician in this month’s 7×7 magazine!

I sat down with our resident chanteuse to get a little insight into the wheres, whens and whats of his life in San Francisco.

What are your favorite places to go in San Francisco?

For Brunch: Dear Mom. The menu changes regularly but I’m always a fan of any combination of eggs, sausage and potatoes. It’s the Irish in me.

For Lunch: Nopalito. I usually get the carnitas with an awesome margharita.

For Dinner: Schmidt’s. Anything and everything. The schnitzel, they have a very impressive selection of sausage.

For cocktails: Shotwell’s. It’s my favorite neighborhood spot. They have a great beer selection and easy, friendly vibe makes it feel like Cheers. Or the Orbit Room for the fantastic bartenders that create innovative cocktails. The Hideout is always a winner. The bar within a bar that manages to always fly under most radars.

For a 1st Date: A hike in Glen Park and if that’s gone well, onto drinks at The Blackbird.

For an anniversary:I’d probably want to stay home. And I’d cook one of my famous Carr Curries.

Adventures in SF: Grab my backpack, put on some comfortable shoes and explore a different part of town I don’t know that well or haven’t spent time in recently. My most recent daytime adventure was in the Financial District. If you don’t work around there, its easy enough to almost forget we have this busy, bustling business district.
Adventures outside SF: Mendocino, Tomales Bay or Capitola.

Find out more about Tim and his music here: http://timcarrsongs.com/

A few minutes with Marko Sotto, GM of Central Kitchen

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central kitchen opened it’s doors just over a week ago and I managed to catch up with GM, Marko Sotto for a few minutes.

What appealed to you about joining the central kitchen team?

I was introduced to the team by Elizabeth Subauste (AGM of central kitchen who was previously GM at flour + water) and I really liked the operational philosophy of the Ne Timeas Restaurant group. There’s a very strong ideal of building a community and it was a great opportunity to join a growing team at a point in time where I could be instrumental in the ideology of central kitchen.

How would you explain the central kitchen philosophy?

It’s an evolution of the dialogue of Northern Californian cuisine. We believe in responsible sourcing and production with respect for the integrity of ingredients.We’re always evaluating what our dining culture is and streamlining to focus on the final product. With our casual setting, the food and service outshine the trappings of formal dining.

What makes central kitchen different?

The food is executed to an exceptionally high level and quality. We spent a lot of time building our team and each person is the strongest in their role we could find for our restaurant. The excellent food, the professionalism of service in a casual environment and the design by Alec Bauer and Paxton Gate work together symbiotically to create a unique dining experience. We also have a strong interest in building a relationship with our community, we’re working with local producers as much as possible, we’re building a relationship with a local school to teach the kids about food, kitchen skills and growing vegetables. Chef Thomas is always looking to get interns in to share the knowledge and the experience of working in a  professional kitchen.

How do you feel about the ongoing dress code debate?

It’s slightly different in every city but in San Francisco, I love that people are comfortable dressed casually. It keeps the focus on the overall dining experience. It helps create a confidence in choosing from the best California has to offer. The people get to dictate what restaurants provide for the people, not the other way round.

What are your favorite places to go in San Francisco?

For Brunch: Plow. Get the lemon ricotta pancakes!

For Lunch: La Taqueria. Any taco from there is a great taco.

For Dinner: Yamo. The house noodles with beef and the tea leaf salad are fantastic. Or Limon for the rotisserie chicken.

For a 1st Date: Cocktails at Comstock Salooon then Cotogna for dinner.

For an anniversary: Cyrus in Healdsburg or Commis in Oakland.

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For the moms

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In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, here are a some quotes from a few members of our team about things they learned from their Moms.

Ryan (Morning Prep Cook): Fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of junk food. I wasn’t such a fan as a kid. In fact, I thought it kinda sucked, but now, in my line of work, I completely understand. And it’s created a solid foundation for my affinity for fruits and vegetables.

Kevin (Line Cook): Be self sufficient. Learn how to do the important stuff yourself.

Jeff (Line Cook): Be grateful for what you have!

Anna (Admin): Home is where you get treated the best but act the worst. So it serves as a little reminder to treat your nearest and dearest with love and respect. Especially when you least feel like it!

Sam (Server): Be kind to everyone. You never know when your paths might cross again and people always remember those who treat them with kindness. She also always reminded me to be nice to the new kid. Everybody is new somewhere at some point and a little kindness goes a long way.

Essam (AGM): Keep your cool. If you’re quick to anger, a situation might escalate faster than you anticipate so cool down buddy.

And from my neighbour growing up, who felt like an extra mom, she recommended the airline safety code. When the masks drop, you have to help yourself first to be in a position to help others.

Temi: Look for the positive. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can always find a positive. The world is an easier place to be in if you choose happiness.

Picture Perfect

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It’s hard not to be seduced by a really great photo. Whether it’s in a magazine or online, there is a lot of power in the ability of a great image to pique interest. We’re almost always plugged in with a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, being a voyeur has never been so easy. What are people wearing? Where are they going? What are they eating? With the power of facebook, twitter, instagram, email and blogs, those answers are always just a fast fingertap away

Whether you roll with a large SLR, or you work with a point and shoot or like 1/3 of photos on flickr, your smartphone is your camera of choice, few things you can see on a screen, beat a really great photo.

Here are a few great photos from one of our regular diners @prtyhungry.

It’s always great to see photos of what you’re having for dinner so tweet them to us or post them on facebook and you might just be photo of the week!



Meals on Wheels Part 2

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Last week I took you into the kitchen to see them prepping for Meals on Wheels. So I thought this week, it would be great to see how the various elements came together and how things looked on the night.

all photos by Elizabeth Subauste

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Meals on Wheels 2012

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Meals on Wheels is a food event that has gotten bigger and better every year, and this year, being the 25th Anniversary Celebration is set to be the best one yet. Have you seen the Chef line-up ? Take a peep here, no joking when they said Star Chefs. On Saturday afternoon I made sure I paid the kitchen a visit to check out what deliciousness they were prepping for the gala. And oh my! The freshness, green-ness, spring-ness, lightness and all round amazingness.

Spring Vegetables, Whey, Pine Nuts, Speck is what Chef Thomas had put on the menu. Here’s a look at the various parts of that line up.

Fava beans

Grant working the beans like a seasoned pro.

Fresh Bay leaves.

Fresh pea shoots. This was when I nearly locked myself in the walk-in. Kinda chilly in there.

Wild garlic flowers.

Look at the color on the mustard flowers.

I love the brightness of the green garlic.

Lisa working on the goat’s milk curd and whey.


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