Tim Carr

Merry. Mirthful. Chanteuse.

This is Tim Carr

Our second server sippings (check out our first here) features our own flour+water FAME WHORE, Mister Tim Carr.  These entries feature out servers’ personal take on our wines and what they think you should drink, often and with gusto.  In Tim’s case, he may be pouring you wine and telling you what pasta knocks him OUT to tunes of his own making.  No, really…this isn’t some “dances to the beat of his own drum” comment, which all of us here at f+w do.  We actually play his album at the restaurant.  And we like it!

From his website: Tim Carr’s music has been called “dark dance,” “art pop,” “an unapologetic adventure mix” and “theatrical pop,” crossing through many genres and pulling from a wide variety of inspiration.  His focus on the intersection between rhythm, melody and harmony results in a unique dancy sound.

One of my FAVORITE DJ nights at f+w featured Tim and the release of his new album, The Shadows.  Not only did we bask in the Tim glow, but we got to preview his first video from the album.  It makes me smile every time I watch it!

While Tim may be willing to do anything for a laugh, his lips mean business, whether it’s music coming out or wine going in… pay attention!  It’s going to be GOOD. (even the Bay Guardian thinks so!)

Tim’s Favorite White on the List:
“Bianchetta Genovese- Bianchetta Genovese provides a level of weight, complexity, and body my palate enjoys. And I dig seafood. It’s salty minerality combined with nice apricot and a fair amount of citrus begs to be drank with the albacore crudo, or a fresh mussel pizza. Or to hawk a bottle from work and head over to Marin to take a hike into the middle of nowhere, go fishing, cross my fingers and hope to catch something so that I can open the bottle and enjoy it.”

Tim’s Favorite Red Wine on List:
“Beltrame Tazzelenghe- It’s like someone left a really pretty Barbera or Nebbiolo out in a room full of old men smoking cigars. Gorgeous and bracing fruit, natural acidity, and leather/tar. A perfect blend of things that I love. Old men and fruit.”

Tim the human that does human things:
“One on one time with friends/ family. Slow walks through the city with an adventure bag filled with ipod, notepads, snack, no agenda. Watching ghost shows and documentaries. Drinking good coffee. Pub crawls. Betting the horses at the race track. Collaboration with other artists. Living near large bodies of water. Working hard. Laughing through hard situations. Growing. Playing pool, shooting darts. Meeting friends’ families.”

Favorite non flour +water things that Tim drinks:
“I love a good whiskey, neat. Fuller’s on draft. A delicious fresh lemonade. Drinks at Nopalito.”

Things Tim does in the morning:
“Convince myself that sleeping in until 10 isn’t really sleeping in considering that I get home from work at 2:30am- I have this debate a lot with myself. The aforementioned coffee. Working on music related things for at least two hours: writing, pr, scheduling shows, meetings. I always stick to this rule. Put a call in to my mom and dad. They’re pretty rad.”

Oh and the adjectives:
Merry: I count on Tim to make a crossed eyed muppet face at me in the middle of service. He is the levity we all need in the middle of a big push.  Mirthful: We need his irreverence, his giddiness, and his super sweet dance moves. Don’t even get me going, expounding on the joyous self expression Tim shares with his choice of pants.  Seriously, he wears the best pants. Chanteuse: AND HE CAN SING!


In short:
Tim: Hobbies: Coffee, music, creative expression, friends and family time, long walks, and expansion.
Wines: 2009 Bisson, Bianchetta Genovese, Golfo del Tigullio DOC, Liguria, 2006 Beltrame, Tazzelenghe, Delle Venezie IGT, Friuli

Tim Carr’s music can be found for sale at Amoeba Records on Haight Street and at Streetlight Records on Market Street in San Francisco.

Amoeba Records
Streetlight Records

Or on Itunes!

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