Last week, at The Bones event, organized by Meatpaper, people who came along for the 20th Street Corridor crawl were treated to a sneak peek at Salumeria. Chef de Cuisine Matt Sigler was whipping up insanely tasty batches of arancini that people couldn’t get enough of.

And if you looked down, you might have spotted a little furry looking pet. She moves with deft speed and focused determination. What she might lack in grace, she certainly makes up for in cuteness. A few people asked what type of dog she was. Look a little closer. Meet Kona. Chef Thomas’s teacup pig.

image courtesy of The Bold Italic

Date of Birth: 08.03.2010 (but she was brought in on manager Liz Subauste’s birthday 10.3)

Favorite foods: Circulated eggs, sunchokes, parsnips, chestnuts. Because she’s fancy like that.

Fun hobbies: To cuddle and watch movies on the couch. Sun bathing

Favorite music: The Rolling Stones

Annoying Habits: Eating buttons, books, computer keyboards and expensive make up

Best Friend: Lima. The Guinea Pig.

Secret Crush: Culinary Icon, Chef Thomas McNaughton.

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  1. graham
    Feb 17, 2012

    does anyone have a good place to read up on making circulated eggs? hmm?